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Meet Viktoriya, Our Face of October

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This month, the face of Modaselle is Viktoriya – with a classic and timeless aesthetic, Viktoriya loves designer handbags, and has some wonderful insights to share with us! You can follow her on Instagram here

What’s your inspiration behind your Instagram/blog?

I started with Instagram because it was a "cool new kid" on the block. So instead of posting on Facebook, I decided to journal my daily activities on Instagram. And it was so much easier, you just take a photo, add a short caption and its done. I love to share my journey with others, hoping to pass on some of the inspiration and if my followers wish, learn about their journey and get inspiration from them .

What’s your favourite designer and why?

My favorite designer would always be Louis Vuitton. I love the story of the brand, it is inspiring and fascinating. Louis Vuitton opened his first store in Paris in 1854. Decades later, this brand withstood the test of time. Louis Vuitton designs are timeless and don't go out of style. The brand itself is one of the most reputable in the world. For example, all LV handbags are handmade. Therefore, the quality is immaculate.

What is your favourite part of owning designer handbags, and what do you recommend for others purchasing their designer first bag?

People say accessories make the outfit and I couldn't agree more, especially if it is a luxurious handbag. However, the reasons to own a beautiful bag goes much further beyond what meets the eye. Designer handbags make every woman feel like royalty. I might protest inside, deep down, and say it is not the case - but I want to be that kind of woman. It is like the entire persona of our shifts and we are ready to take over the world. A handbag is a woman's companion, in good and bad times. The perfect shape and handcrafted hardware makes every outfit fabulous.

I am a huge believer that luxury handbags are an excellent investment. There is no way you can compare a bag to a depreciating car. Of course, not all designer bags have the same resale value. The value would be determined by howexclusive the bag is and its origin/designer. For example, Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram Canvas bag or Chanel Flap have great resale value on the secondary market and both are the mostprofitable accessories brands in the world.

My personal guide for purchasing a brand new or pre-loved handbag:

  1. Choose a classic that will not go out of style. Trends come and go.
  2. Match your personal style. Yes, your personality, wardrobe color scheme, etc.
  3. Meet your quality expectations. Although all designer handbags are premium quality, some are better than others.
  4. Make sure a bag is comfortable. Really.
  5. Meet your budget. Don't opt for something you "kinda" like because of a price tag. Be patient & save up. Don't be afraid to check out your local stores that sell pre-loved handbags. You never know what you can find.
  6. ....and remember, a bag is a stylish investment. 

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know our face of October! Be sure to shop our new arrivals of pre-loved designer handbags here.

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