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The Story Behind Chanel’s Iconic Camellia Flower

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If you’re a lover of Chanel you’re likely to be just as big of a fan as the Iconic Camellia Flower that is draped alongside many of their timeless pieces. The Camellia Flower has been an iconic symbol of Chanel for many years - not only for it’s beauty, but from it’s personal references.

But where did the inspiration of the Camellia Flower come from?

chanel camellia flower

It’s a known fact that the Camellia flower is synonymous with Chanel. It has been engraved onto buttons, woven into embroideries, is on clothing and bags, atop jewelry and shoes. In spring of 2013, Karl Lagerfeld carried on the Chanel camellia tradition - which drew more attention to the ever so popular design. There are a few theories that have been speculated as to where the inspiration for the iconic flower came from… it’s been said that Chanel was given her first bouquet of camellias by (her then) polo-playing lover, Boy Capel. Shortly after she started to pin silk versions of them to her lapels, hair, and all around her home. Another known story was that she fell in love with the camellia after reading Alexandre Dumas’ ‘La Dame aux Camélias’, a story in which the heroine always wore a white camellia, showing to the world that her heart remained true and pure.

The camellia was also a perfect choice of flower for Chanel, because of its lackluster scent. Therefore Chanel never had to worry about the interference of another floral note that could overwhelm her famous perfume - No. 5.

Classic pieces that contain the Camellia

We love timeless and classic pieces, who doesn’t? Chanel not only curated a gorgeous line of bags and clothing items with this personalized emblem but also brooches. The Chanel 18k Yellow Gold Camellia Brooch($4,600.00) perfectly emulates the camellia in all its form. A simple and elegant white flower brooch encased in 18K yellow gold. This item is in very good condition.We love how Chanel has kept true to herself and adds a personal touch to all her pieces. In Asian cultures the camellia symbolizes longevity, faithfulness, purity, and passion. In Japan more-so the name is translated into “excellence without pretension”. Something that the Chanel brand embodies fully.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite Chanel Camellia inspired piece of jewellery? Make sure to shop our pre-loved Chanel jewelry and tell us what you think! 

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